• Protection of Human Rights Through International Criminal Tribunals. International Criminal Tribunals and Protection of Human Rights

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Seleman Gilla is a practising lawyer in the United Republic of Tanzania. He pursued his LLM IN INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS LAW at Essex University in the United Kingdom in the year 2010/11. He is a member of Essex Alumnae Human Rights Association; the Tanganyika Law Society; SADC Lawyers Association; and East Africa Law Society.)


This book provides an overview of human rights protection in Africa. It examines the work of the African Commission and the African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights and how these bodies protects and promotes human rights on the continent. The book also examines the work of Sub-regional Economic Courts on how they protect human rights within the respective subregions. The book further examines the work of International Criminal Tribunals such as; the ICC; ICTR; and the Special Court for Sierra Leone in their role in human rights protection. In addition, it highlights on how the commission of international crimes such as; the crime of genocide; war crimes; and crimes against humanity leads to violation of civil and political rights on the one hand and economic, social and cultural rights on the other. The book finally, answer the question whether International Criminal Courts really protect and promotes human rights in the world in general

MATERIAS: Human rights, international criminal justice