• Private International Law. The law applicable to property relations between spouses under international treaties, conventions and regulations

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(I obtained my Ph.D at the Institute of Legal Research"Andrei Radulescu" of the Romanian Academy withthe thesis Patrimonial relations between spouses inprivate international law. My areas of expertise are:private international law, family law, finance law,fiscal law and tax procedural law, banking law.)


The increased mobility of persons within an area without internal frontiers leads to a marked increase in the number of couples formed by nationals of different Member States, who may live in a Member State of which they do not have the nationality and acquire property in more than one Union country. We believe that the two proposals for regulations are welcome and that they will solve many key issues in matters of property regimes, of registered partnerships and unions in fact by establishing clear legal rules aiming to establish the court jurisdiction, the law applicable in property matters and by facilitating the circulation of decisions and of authentic instruments between Member States in order to simplify the lives of the citizens in the European Union space.

MATERIAS: Europeanisation, matrimonial regime, matrimonial property, Registered Partnership, Private International Law