• Obama’s Election: Lessons for the Word, Africa, and US Foreign Policy. American constitution, election of the first black American president and expec

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(Doctor and Master of Laws (University of South Africa, UNISA). Licencié en Droit (University of Kinshasa, UNIKIN). Former Lecturer at the University of the North (South Africa). Member of the Coordinating Committee of the African Network of Constitutional Lawyers (ANCL), he is currently a Research Professor at UNISA, a Professor at UNIKIN, and a Visiting Professor at the University of Paris 13.)


The election of the 44th US president was anunprecedented election. The majority of Americanpeople endorsed Barack Obama’s message of change.Reverend King’s dream came true as Barack Obama waselected the first Black US president. Billions ofpeople across the word fell into euphoria. Obama’selection gave them some sense of pride and hope whilemixed feelings prevailed in the most conservativecircles. Elections are now regularly held in manycountries, including in Africa. Demands andexpectations of change in domestic, foreign andinternational policies had never been so high inhuman history. This book reflects on the AmericanConstitution and politics. Since Obama’s electiontriggered and is central to this reflection, the bookexamines the different steps of the Americanpresidential election, the conditions foreligibility, the constitutional status, and the termsof office of the US president before highlighting themajor political developments that paved the way forthis historic election. Finally, it draws lessons forthe rest of the world in general and for Africa inparticular as well as for the US foreign policy,which also needs change.

MATERIAS: American Constitution; American Presidential Election; American Foreign Policy, American African Policy; African Politics; Elections in Africa; Law and Democracy in Africa; African Politcal Systems; American Political Parties; Political Parties in Africa; The African President; Leadership in Africa; Political Change in the US, Africa and the Rest of the World