• Levelling the playing fields. A critical analysis of the use of export subsidies within the international trade of agricultural products

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Lee-David Carolissen completed his LLB as well as Masters degree in International Trade Law at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa. The author is currently practising as an attorney at MVSK Attorneys specialising in civil litigation.)


Export Subsidies. To some its a dirty word. To others its a godsend. Why is the use of export subsidies one of the most divisive issues in international trade circles. This dichotomy is perfectly illustrated within the international trade market of agricultural products. This book sets out to evaluate the nature, use and purpose of export subsidies by comparing the agricultural regimes of mostly developed countries with those in the developing world. Close examination will be given to the export subsidy regime in place in the European Union as well as the United States of America and its impact on the global trade of agricultral products and the resultant effect on their competitors from the third world. This is all aimed at answering a simple question: is the continued use of export subsidies in this day and age justified or not? You decide...

MATERIAS: economics, International Trade Law