• International Regulatory Regime for Offshore Decommissioning. Developing a Viable Model for Nigeria’s Oil Industry

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Mrs. Hadiza Tijjani Mato holds a Bachelor of Law Degree (LL.B.) and Master of Laws Degree (LL.M.) from University of Abuja. She also holds B.L. from the Nigerian Law School, Abuja-Nigeria. She is currently a lecturer at the Faculty of Law, University of Abuja. She has published several articles in international journals of high repute.)


This book explores the regulatory structure of the Nigerian Petroleum Industry and indeed the national environmental law with a view to ascertaining efficacy of the legal regime on decommissioning of disused offshore oil installations. It finds that the existing legal structure is grossly inadequate to serve the needs of a process as complex and environmentally-sensitive as offshore decommissioning. The book thus embarked on a voyage of formulating a befitting legal framework for the decommissioning of Nigeria’s offshore oil installations. The starting point is the international regulatory regime. This is because offshore decommissioning is primarily based on the rules of international law. The book thus examines relevant international treaties on the subject. Again, the environmental standard required of nation states is determined by the rules of international environmental law. In order to effectively underscore the significance of the environmental regime, the book contains a detailed explanation of the environmental consequences of offshore decommissioning.

MATERIAS: Environment, Model, Oil, industry, Nigeria, Regulatory, Legal, Offshore, decommissioning, Platforms