• International Criminal Law. Genesis, Evolution and Development

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Dr. Jasmeet Gulati, Ph.D (Law), LL.M (Cantab), M.A. (Public Admn.) PG Dip. Cyber Laws, G.C. in IPRs (WIPO) Fellow Cambridge Commonwealth.Area of Specialization- International Criminal Law, Public International Law, Intellectual Property Laws.Assistant Professor of Law, University Institute of Legal Studies, Panjab University, Chandigarh (India))


Culmination of World War II saw the first determined effort by the International Community to punish international crimes. Nuremberg & Tokyo Tribunals were followed up by International Criminal Tribunals for Former Yugoslavia & Rwanda which were also ad-hoc in nature. The coming into force of Rome Statute marks a watershed event in the history of international criminal law & the establishment of permanent criminal court filled up the gap which existed because of no codified substantive & procedural law. The Statute ensures that the perpetrators of the most heinous international crimes are duly punished. However, the Rome Statute and the working of ICC have significant scope for improvement & further development. This book aims at highlighting certain issues relating to international criminal law which require consideration of international community so that the process of development of International criminal law which was initiated after World War II is continued & the existing mechanism under the Rome Statute can be further strengthened. The book will provide insight into the genesis & development of international criminal law to researchers, academicians & international jurists

MATERIAS: Rome Statute, individual responsibility, international criminal law, International Criminal Court, International Crimes