• Implications of the International Environmental Laws: A Close Look. An International Organizations Context

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(Dr. Noor Mohammad, an Associate Professor and Head, School of Law, Metropolitan University, Sylhet, Bangladesh who has been teaching the Environmental Law and Policy, International Environmental Law at home & abroad including Malaysia. He is president, Humanity Research Foundation Jhenidah(HRFJ)Bangladesh and has been working closely with the IUCN)


Environment has become a global issue and it is discussed where. Its present state is alarming due to some problems such as over population, unwise use of natural resources, unplanned construction, ozone lyre depletion, acid rain etc. To cope this problems, a good number of legal initiatives such as The Stockholm Conference, 1972; the Rio de Janeiro, 1992; the Vienna Convention, 1985; the Montreal Protocol, 1987; the Basal Convention, 1989; and the Biodiversity Convention, 1992 etc; have been introduced in the year of 1850 to 1945 nationally and internationally. In addition, many international and regional organisations such as UNO, OAS, and EU etc.; have been developed in order to protect the environment in different dimensions throughout the world. The study observes that the legal mechanisms in this regards are hardly realized. The study urges to the concerned authorities to implement those legal implications for the purposes of attaining sustainable environment and development. This study focuses the environmental implications based on secondary sources.

MATERIAS: international organizations, International Environmental Law