• General aspects regarding the special seizure in Romanian legislation. International legal instruments. Categories of seizured assets

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(Monica Pocora is Phd in Law, Lecturer in "Danubius" University of Galati and lawyer. The areas of interest is Criminal Law and Criminal Law Proceedings. Thus, she is a young researcher with numerous published books and articles. Also, she is involved in some research projects, but whole activities are dedicated to her son, Andres Eric.)


The aim of this study is to present the special seizure as a safety measure, in Romanian legislation. Thus, are presentes the regulations and legal nature, the constitutionality of the regulations of art. 118 Criminal code regarding special seizure and general conditions of the special seizure. Also,tThe Special seizure is reflected in the international legal instruments. The second Chapter, wants to classify the categories of assets that can be subject to special seizure (Categories of assets that can actually be subject to special seizure; Assets produced by the deed provided in the criminal law; Assets that were used in any way to the committing of an offence; Assets produced, modified or adapted for the committing of an offence; Assets that were given to determine the committing of a deed or to reward the offender; Assets obtained by committing the deed provided in the criminal law and Assets that are prohibited by law to be owned).

MATERIAS: safety measures, special seizure, Romanian legislation