• Elimination of Child Labor:. Standards and Role of International Organizations (Russia and Ukraine)

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Marina V. Agaltsova is a coordinator of the World Bank project on strengthening access to justice inInstitute for Law and Public Policy (Moscow). She holds an LL.M degree (cum laude) in Human Rights from Central European University. Marina has researched extensively on the role of international organizations in human rights promotion.)


This book addresses several questions: the concept of child labor, causes and scope of child labor in Russia and Ukraine, international and national child labor standards. After elaboration on the international standards it will show the efforts of the international organizations in fostering the Russian and Ukrainian compliance with the international standards. In particular, the implementation mechanism of the following international bodies will be examined: the Economic and Social Council, Committee on the Rights of the Child, European Committee on Social Rights and the International Program on Elimination of Child Labor (IPEC), established by the International Labor Organization. The book will argue that the IPEC is much more successful in making the states comply, because it has a capacity to directly work with the instances of child labor (none of the mentioned conventional international bodies have such capacity) and it has an ability to engage into the national legislative process to change the national legislation.

MATERIAS: Child labor, international organizations, IPEC, UN, Council of Europe