• Delivery and Conformity under CISG and English Law.. Seller''s Obligations under a Contract for the International Sale of Goods. Vienna Convention

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(Nisreen Mahasneh, is a professor in private law at Yarmouk University in Jordan. She has interest in civil law traditions, international sale of goods and in interactive legal teaching technique. Prof. Mahasneh is also a senior legal consultant to American Bar Association for the Rule of Law Intuitive in Jordan.)


This Book tackles the obligations of a seller under both the Vienna Convention for the International Sale of Goods and English Law as to Delivery and Conformity of the goods. It makes a useful comparison between the approaches of both legal schools as to the issue of conformity and delivery of goods. It represents a text for the approach adopted under the convention as an international legal model. It further calls for some suggestions and findings.

MATERIAS: Sales, Goods, English, CISG