• Defective Arbitration Clauses in International Commercial Contracts. Common mistakes and proper drafting guidelines

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(I was born in 1986 in Vilnius, Lithuania. At Mykolas Romeris University I have obtained Bachelor and Master degrees in the field of Law. My legal master studies were focused on European Business Law and this book is the result of it. In year 2011 I have started International Business and Finance master studies in Germany, Augsburg.)


Usually in contract drafting process arbitration clause is left for the end. Sometimes it happens that parties really do not wish to start discussions on how should arbitration clause look like or what details should it contain, because either parties think they would never come to a conflict or they are short of time and leave arbitration clause unconsidered. Absence of sufficient attention when drafting arbitration clauses is likely to give rise to defective arbitration clauses, which lead to much higher than expected time and money costs or even make arbitration impossible. Therefore this book looks into most common mistakes made when drafting arbitration clauses and povides guidelines on the proper arbitration clause drafting.

MATERIAS: defective arbitration clause, elements of arbitration clause, correct arbitration clause