• Critical Appraisal of Sexual Violence under International Criminal Law. Sexual Violence under International Criminal Law

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(I am currently a fellow at Human Rights Watch,New York,USA and I am enrolled as an Advocate of the High Court of Uganda and all Courts Subordinate.I hold a Masters of Laws Degree in Transnational Criminal Justice and Crime Prevention- An International and African Perspective from the University of the Western Cape, South Africa.)


Sexual violence used on a large scale, can destabilise a society as a whole and when used during armed conflicts, serves as a powerful weapon against members of a community. During armed conflicts, sexual violence is widespread and systematically used as a tool of war and this makes sexual violence amount to crimes against humanity, genocide and war crimes. This book critically analyses and evaluates sexual violence as an international crime, as well as its prosecution under international criminal law. It discusses the problem of selectivity that can be observed in prosecuting sexual violence that has in fact, left many victims dissatisfied. The paper also states recommendations that can contribute to the effective prosecution of sexual crimes under international criminal law.

MATERIAS: Victims, selectivity, International Criminal Court, armed conflict, Sexual Violence, international criminal law, critical appraisal, Prosecution, Sex Crimes, International CriminalTribunals