• Aviation and Environmental Pollution. International attempts for cleaner and quieter skies

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Karan Singh, LLM McGill University Montreal, specializes in international public law, aviation and space law. Currently, he is part of the Contracts Management and Negotiations team at Bombardier Aeronautique.)


The focus of this work is to evaluate the various efforts being made internationally to address the issue of environmental pollution caused by aviation activities. There are inherent problems with the enforcement of rules created by the International Civil Aviation Organization. This work attempts to focus the discussion on the relevance these rules have within the framework of Public International Law. Secondly, there is a discussion on the approach that is being taken by the European Union, and how it deals with the problem of noise pollution and emissions. The work further explores the measures and legislations that are enacted by the EU and how that addresses local and international concerns related to aviation pollution.

MATERIAS: International aviation law, Environment, Noise pollution, greenhouse emissions, European Union, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).