• Administration of Justice in African Customary Law versus Christianity. Crime, Punishment and Justice

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(Kasomo Daniel PhD: Studied Religious Studies in the Catholic University of Eastern Africa. A Roman Catholic Archbishop and the leader of Married Priests Now! Catholic Prelature in Kenya. A Senior Lecturer in Maseno University in Kenya. Former Dean of Students in Egerton University and Head of Department of Religious Studies Catholic University.)


In the Vatican''s attempt to come to grips with the sexual abuse crisis, Pope Benedict XVI has approved a set of revisions to church law. He has allowed the laity to serve as judges and lawyers on church tribunals in sex abuse cases. This book aimed at exploring indepth the administration of justice according to the African customary procedures.it indicates that Custom is the best interpreter of laws and the laity should be conversant with their local customary law to participate actively in the church tribunals. The book will be a great help to inculturate Christian, Civil and Customary law. There is lack of harmony between the penal law and disciplinary precepts and the customary penal law. The offenders usually seem to imply that traditional practice of the penal law is more binding than the church penal laws and precepts. There is lack of assimilation of noble customary values which could enable Christians to be more at home with the church disciplinary precepts.For Africans an offence once forgiven is never recalled.The book is an asset to both private and state colleges, universities, institutes and individuals dealing with law anywhere in the world.

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