• Access to Environmental Information in International Human Rights Law

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Aklilu Oda, LL.B,MSc: Studied law at Addis Ababa University and International Human Rights law at Abo Akademi. He has worked as a legal expert at Federal First Instance Court, Ethiopia, and as an Assistant lecturer II at Saint Mary’s University College.)


Access to information in general and to environmental information in particular is an indispensable right of every individual. It is instrumental in empowering citizens to fully participate in the operations of their government so as to hold it accountable. With the advancement of technology, mankind is exploiting vast natural resources through both the public and private sector leading to huge environmental degradation. Addressing this environmental concern necessitates raising the awareness of the general public by guaranteeing individuals the right of access to environmental information. This book delves deep into existing international and regional human rights instruments and explore the legal basis for the protection of the right of access to environmental information.

MATERIAS: Environment, Information, Access