• Humanity in the Judicial Decisions of International Court of Justice

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The concept of humanity, due to the consideration of all aspects of human dignity, is the most important guarantor of the common interests and values of the international community and is a concept in opposition to sovereignty by preventing them from focusing on the individual interests of the state. Due to the capacity of humanity to solving many problems of the international community, the need for the development of international law principles is fully established on the basis of this concept, and the only solution is the development of international law through non-sovereign methods. Meanwhile, the International Court of Justice is one of the independent and non-sovereign international institutions that can accomplish this matter. The International Court of Justice, which uses legal techniques in its decisions, plays a significant role in identifying and consolidating existing rules and formulating new rules. In this regard, the question arises as to how the Court's approach to the nature of humanity, how does this concept in international law be assessed