Digital Forensics in Malaysia

Digital Evidence and Electronic Signature Law ReviewNbr. 5, October 2008Papers

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Introduction. Digital forensics evidence: the legal framework. Opinion of experts in Malaysia. Cybersecurity Malaysia: its role in digital forensics. Expert witness: the completion of the perfect cycle. CyberSecurity Malaysia: the focal point in digital forensics. The future.

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Digital Forensics in Malaysia


The term digital forensics is still relatively new to Malaysia, even though our digital forensic analysts have appeared as an expert witness in several high profile cases. More awareness and promotion programmes have to be devised in order to educate the public, and in particular those in the legal communities.

Overall, digital forensics are one tool in helping to solve crimes, especially when crimes involves the use of computers or any digital devices such as mobile telephones or PDAs (it can be computer crime or computer related crime). Data stored in such devices may be recovered and presented as evidence in court. The accused may, for example, try to delete any data stored in their computer with the intention of destroying evidence and avoiding successful prosecution. However, with digital forensic technology, any data that has been deleted may still be recovered. This certainly will help the court in ad...

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